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Stanley Black is an American real estate investor, community leader, and philanthropist from Los Angeles, California. Stanley and his late wife of blessed memory, Joyce, created the Stanley & Joyce Black Family Foundation with the help of their three children, Jack Black, Jill Black Zalben and Janis Black Warner as well as their grandchildren, to help change the world for the positive. Since the Foundation’s start in 1989, they have provided over $60 million to worthy causes from the family’s hometown of Los Angeles to communities around the world.

Jack, Jill, and Janis, along with their children, have taken their role as stewards of the Family Foundation with great care making sure the values instilled in them by their grandparents and parents are the focus of their work; not just supporting worthy causes but rather investing in communities that make lasting changes. Following by example, each family member sits on various boards that support causes from kidney disease to homelessness and mental health, encompassing a variety of local and international charities. The fundamental focus of the Black family has always been to give back and help others.

The Black family became early adopters of the Worlds Jewish Museum as it has been a pillar of the family’s philanthropy to support Israel. Impressed by the vision of arguably one of the world’s leading architects, Frank Gehry, WJM stands out as an international museum unlike any. The family, led by Mr. Black’s insistence, increased their support by more than doubling their charitable commitment while attending the 2019 inaugural gala in Beverly Hills, in memory of his beloved wife. The family fully expects Gehry’s vision of an Israeli landmark to set the stage for a new global focus on Tel Aviv. The Black family is excited to see the museum come to life in the years to come and is grateful to the team working diligently behind the scenes, especially Shauna Shapiro Jackson, for her guidance in understanding what an important role the museum will hold for Jewish communities near and far.