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By January 23, 2020February 28th, 2020No Comments

The World’s Jewish Museum is pleased to thank the Greenberg family of the Ottawa, Canada based The Minto Group for their $2M donation to the WJM. The Minto Group is a fully integrated real estate developer, builder, manager and owner with operations in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, South Carolina and Florida. It was founded by the Greenberg brothers, Gilbert, Irving, Lorry and Louis. The company is now owned by Gilbert’s six children and Irving’s daughter.

As the family developed the business in Ottawa neighborhoods, they began to support local charities and organizations, something the four founders of the Minto Group instilled in their children, nephews and nieces. Members of the Greenberg family and The Minto Group have been strong supporters of many Jewish and non-Jewish organizations throughout Canada, the United States and Israel. The Minto Foundation is now involving the 17 members of the third generation of the family in the decision making.

Roger Greenberg noted, “The Jewish people do a great job commemorating the tragedies of the past, but we don’t celebrate successes of our tremendous achievements — that is what we hope the Museum will give the world. Jews have a great positive story to tell and this is the message we would like to convey to the world!”