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By July 19, 2020No Comments

Shauna Shapiro Jackson is a Director of the American Friends of the World’s Jewish Museum (WJM) and heads the Los Angeles office. Currently Shauna is heavily involved in developing a virtual event for the WJM in October 2020. She is also chairing the second annual Los Angeles WJM Gala in 2021, after a successful inaugural Gala in 2019.

When asked why she chose to get involved with the World’s Jewish Museum, Shauna noted: “When Gail Asper first told me about the World’s Jewish Museum, I knew that I had to be a part of this transformational project.  While most Jewish museums around the world focus on the important issues of Holocaust or “what is a Jew,” I knew that it was time to also focus on the positive – Jewish contributions to humankind.  Celebrating the Jewish people’s remarkable and deeply impactful contributions to humankind over the past 3500 years in the areas of medicine, technology, science, the arts, entertainment and philanthropy will demonstrate how Jewish values have served as a foundation upon which Jews have helped change the world for the better throughout the ages. I believe that it is extremely important for our children to feel connected to their past, and that our children and future generations be inspired and proud of who we are as a people. I also love the overall idea of the power of one – how just one person can change the world for the better.  Last, but certainly not least, I am also proud of being instrumental in bringing Frank Gehry on board. Having the first iconic Frank Gehry structure in Israel is exciting and will make the World’s Jewish Museum a landmark destination. If the World’s Jewish Museum has anywhere near the impact in Tel Aviv that Gehry’s Guggenheim had on Bilboa, Spain, this museum will likely be an enormous boost to the Israeli economy.  Overall, I very much look forward to having the World’s Jewish Museum as a symbol of pride for both Israel and the Jewish people worldwide.”

Shapiro Jackson has enjoyed a long career in the entertainment industry and has produced, distributed and marketed over 300 feature films throughout the world in all media.  She is Vice President of the SC Group of companies. She is married to David Jackson, her business partner and former Vice President Business Affairs at MCA Records.  They have three children – Drew, Brandon and Riley.